Who We Are

Seven is a high end surf and lifestyle apparel brand, designed and hand crafted out of sunny San Diego. When we created Seven we had two goals in mind. One was to create upscale surf apparel that came along with a kickass unique experience for our customers. The second was to help communities and the environment while doing so which is why a portion of every item sold goes towards charities. At Seven every product goes through the hands of multiple craftsmen until it reaches your door to ensure its quality and authenticity which is why we produce limited runs of every product.

Aside from the apparel we also sponsor local musicians, artists and surfers.
You can catch us in SoCal anywhere from festivals, concerts, local events, farmers markets and surf comps.

“I guess it all began when every time I walked into a surf or skate shop and never found
anything in the store that I really dug or would consider paying like 35 bucks for a t shirt,
that’s cray cray. I told myself I am going to just have to make all the clothes that I
want to wear. I wanted to create something that was more upscale in terms of quality
material and look. On top of all that I wanted the products to be affordable for people,
unlike all these other brands out there and their outrageous prices.”
– Michael Foltzer | Founder –